Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Proofing

Ana and Javi have both figured out how to pull up in the cribs.  They have only been able to get to their knees, so far, but we know theyll be up on their feet in notime!  We've lowered the cribs all the way down.  The baby proofing has begun.  I think I've waited long enough to get started.  (I did put plastic outlet covers in a long time ago - that counts, right?)

I think we're going to turn our dining room into a temporary playroom.  We have been scoping out gates and room dividers the past few days.  The dining room furniture will move to the garage for a while.  I feel like it will be easier/safer to have one central area where the babies can play without worrying about televisions, computer cords, tile floors, steps, fireplace stones, glass doors, etc...  I'll also be able to see them from the kitchen and the living room if I need to do other things while they're awake.  I think it's our best option with our current house floorplan :)  I'll post pictures after we're finished with the playroom project!

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Jenny said...

If you need some "quality control" on your baby-proofing, let me know. I know a 16 month-old who comes pretty cheap... (milk, hugs, and a toy ball seem to be his currency.) :)