Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Backing Up a Bit - Maryland and Pumpkins

Okay, I just realized how terrible I've been at blogging.  Sorry.  I am going to back up a little bit and post about our trip to Maryland and our visit to the "pumkin patch". 

In mid-October we hopped on a plane and flew to Maryland for a friends wedding.  Zach and Juan were college roommates for several years.  We were excited to attend his wedding - even if it meant flying 1/2 way across the country with two semi-toddlers. 

We had not stayed in a hotel with the babies yet, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I tried to pack well - not too much, not too little.  I kept telling myself that there were grocery stores and baby stores in Maryland  :)   We arrived late on Friday evening and got settled in the room.  We got Ana and Javi to sleep in the pack & plays that were provided by the hotel.  We ate dinner (quietly) in the room and then Juan headed out to the bachelor party.  I quickly learned the downside to staying in a hotel with babies.  Hotel rooms are small.  I tried to be quiet while watching the Rangers play the Yankees on TV.  They slept okay - as well as can be expected.

On Saturday morning we met up with my Aunt Nancy, and her daughter & son-in-law, Keltie and Dave.   It was so great to see them!  Nancy lived next door to my grandparents for years and years.  She was almost like a grandmother to me.  She moved to Maryland just before I had the babies.  It was so wonderful that Ana and Javi got to meet her!  Unfortunately, Javi was a big crank ball that day.  I think it was teething (he got 4 top teeth all at once during that trip!).  He was just not himself.  They were understanding though - they've all seen fussy babies before. 

We were in for another treat when Katie and Jen arrived!  They agreed to watch Ana & Javi while we went to the wedding.  I felt kinda bad that they got to the hotel and said hi and I basically threw fussy babies at them and left.  I knew they'd be fine  - although they probably have been convinced to never have babies...

The wedding was beautiful.  I am so happy that we were able to attend.  I know Juan had fun reconnecting with old college friends.  The reception was at the hotel where we were staying, so I was able to pop up and check on the babies (and Jen & Katie) a few times during the evening.  They did a great job.  They even rode the elevators up and down and up and down to keep them entertained. 

After the wedding, Juan took over baby duty (although they were soundly sleeping) and Jen, Katie and I went to the hotel bar for a glass of wine and to catch up.  I miss my Rice friends and still hold on to that hope that we'll all live on the same cul-de-sac in our old age. 

On Sunday we went into D.C. and toured around.  It was 'open grounds' day at the White House, so we were able to walk right up to the front door, the Rose Garden, the Oval Office, etc...  It was really fun.  Ana and Javi walked (yes, walked!) around in some of the parks and ate some peas at the Washington Monument.  We headed back to Austin on Sunday evening.  It was a great trip!

The following weekend we went to a nursery in our neighborhood to get a few pictures with pumpkins.  Ana was very into it, but Javi was mad at me.  I wanted him to be in something orange/Fall.  I didn't really realize that his overalls were too small and that his onesie wouldn't snap.  So, he wasn't very happy with my squeezing him into that outfit and then making him sit on straw.  :)  We still got a few cute pictures.

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I just love your little pumpkins!