Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long Overdue - Halloween!

This was Ana and Javi's first ever Halloween!  It's crazy to think what I was doing last year for Halloween...  I was busy scaring all the neighborhood children :)  I was just about a week away from delivering two huge babies.  I was HUGEly pregnant. 

This year was so different.

Juan and I had our first night away from Ana and Javi on the night of October 30th.  We drove to Richardson on Friday night and stayed with my parents.  We left the babies with their Grammy and Grampa on Saturday afternoon and Juan and I made our way to Denton for Ellen's wedding!  We checked into our hotel and took a nap before the wedding - yes, an uninterruped, no chance of baby waking up crying, NAP.  Ahhhh.  We had a great time at the wedding.  Ellen was a beautiful bride and she and Tim seem so so perfect for eachother. 

We stayed over in Denton on Saturday night.  I still woke up at about the time the babies would be waking up and I thought about them non stop - but it was good to have one night away.  I knew they were in excellent hands.  :)   We went to IHOP in Denton and drove back to Richardson.  (It's only about 40 minutes away)

Ana and Javi didn't seem to even notice that we were missing for an evening/morning.  They were happily playing when we got there.  They played for a while in the morning with Aunt Mildred and then later in the day with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Pedro.  It was so fun getting them all dressed up and ready for some heavy duty trick-or-treating. 

Ana was a ballerina.  She loves to dance.  I have no doubt that dance classes are in her future.

Javi was a Spanish Soccer (or futbol) player.  He got an official uniform from his aunt Bego and uncle Pepe.  He looked so cute. 

They went to three houses.  We went to the house across the street, to the Wachtlers and to the Boxwells.  They (ahem, Juan and I) got some yummy candy. 

Overall, it was a wonderful first Halloween weekend!

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Jenny said...

They are so stinkin' cute! Halloween is so much more fun with kiddos, isn't it!?

I'm glad you had a relaxing night away! It's nice to have help from Grandparents so you can get some SLEEP! (and IHOP :)