Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crock-Pot Experiment

I love my crock-pot so much that I should probably start a separate crock-pot blog :)  Or, maybe just a new tab on this blog where I can put recipes... I like just throwing random ingredients into the crock-pot and seeing how it turns out.  Today I am experimenting with a new recipe - Fajita Chicken Tacos.  I will update tonight to let you know how it turns out! 

Fajita Chicken Tacos
1 package    HEB Fajita Marinated Chicken Breasts
1.5 cups      Chicken Broth (low sodium)
.5 can           Corn (we used the other 1/2 of the can last night)
1 can             Black beans, drained.

I'm cooking on "10-hour low" all day...  we'll see what we have at the end of the day!

Thrilling blog entry, huh?  :)

Edited to add:  The final product was okay... it was easy and good enough to eat, but I don't think this will be a regular crock pot recipe.

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