Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aunt Erin and Uncle Dan

Juan, Ana, Javi and I went to Richardson last weekend to visit family, friends, and to see Erin and Dan!  We hadn't seen E or D since their wedding in May, so we were very very excited!   We had a great time at Grammy & Grampas house.  They love playing with Annie, swimming in the backyard "pool" and getting lots and lots of kisses from their family.
We did a lot of relaxing and hanging out over the weekend.  Javi even helped Dan with a little bit of his work.  Javi is really good at pressing just the right series of keys on the computer to do some strange functions and type very interesting characters.  You have to be very brave to let him mess with your computer.  He loves it though.
Ana and Javi just learned how to pull up on things.  They both really started doing this on Friday - the day we left for Dallas.  They quickly became professionals, pulling up on EVERYTHING.  This is not fun at nap/bed time.  All they can think of is standing up and it's hard to get them to lay down and settle into sleep.  Hopefully this phase will pass soon.  They did the same thing when they learned to roll over and to sit.  Eventually they figured out that it wasn't really all that exciting and sleep was more important :)   Here's a naptime picture in their nursery at Grammy & Grampas house.
Ana and Javi also love playing in their pjs in the morning.  I usually keep them in their pajamas through their morning nap, so they get some good comfy playtime in the mornings.  Hasn't Ana's hair gotten thick and long?!  I've heard several comments over the past few weeks about how she's starting to look more like a little girl and less "baby".  Noooooooooooo!  She's still my little baby!  Javi on the other hand... he still has that little baby face.
We were also lucky in that Juan's parents were in Dallas last weekend.  We got to spend some time with them and with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Pedro.  (I was forgetful and didn't take my camera... all of the pictures here are from Erin's camera.)  It was fun letting Ana and Javi crawl around Jenny & Pedro's house.  They loved exploring and leaving their little baby handprints all over their windows.

Javi and Ana still each have 2 teeth.  I think they're working on breaking some more in, but nothing yet!  Javi has been drooling and drooling so much lately.  Hopefully they come in soon so I can let him go a few days without a bib! 

It was a fun weekend with family!  We hope to see everyone again very soon!!

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Jenny said...

Cute babies! Looks like a fun weekend with the family! :)