Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Format

I was a little frustrated at my old blog format because it was making the posts appear so narrow.  I hope you guys are okay with this new format.  I tried to keep the changes minimal!  I also added two new tabs at the top of the page.  One will contain recipes and the other will contain posts about baby things I've found to be useful.   (edited to add: nevermind on the new tab idea.  That was just a pain in the butt.  I will just put recipes and baby things on this main blog...)  :)

I have a few friends who are expecting right now or who have babies younger than Ana and Javi.  They've been asking what products I've found useful and my opinion on good toys - so I'll just include everything here.  I plan to continue updating this with my toy and product reviews - both good and bad - as Ana and Javi continue to grow.

Oh, and I came up with a multi-billion dollar toy idea the other day.  I need to do a little internet research to find out if it already exists.  If it doesn't already exist, I will soon be marketing my idea and retiring to Tahiti.  ;)

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Can I come visit you in Tahiti? Do
they have nannys there?

And if you need some "testing," I know a little bruiser who can help you out. ;)