Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Playroom

We finally cleared out the dining room to make way for all the baby toys. (The picture above was from Thanksgiving '09 - yum!  It is the only "before" picture I can find of our dining room.) Our house was being overrun and we didn't like that the first thing you saw when entering front door was a huge mess of baby things. So, our dining room furniture was moved into the garage and the baby toys were moved into the new playroom.
We bought a mesh gate that expands to block off the opening between the two rooms and we used a regular baby gate to block off the kitchen entrance.  Now Ana and Javi have a totally baby-proofed area to crawl around in.  They seem to love it! 
I put most of the toys around the edge of the room and rotate which of the bigger toys go into the middle.   They crawl around (yikes!) and play with everything.  I still need a few more items to finish off the room (some toy baskets, something soft to hold books, and maybe moving some wall decorations from our "guestroom") but it's fully functional and fun as-is!  It's nice for me because the mesh gate and the wall of windows to the backyard make the room feel open to the rest of the house and to the outside.  I can also keep an eye on the babies if I need to do something in the kitchen. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Talk

Ana and Javi have so much fun together.  I took a video (using my iPhone) of them talking and laughing after they ate their dinner tonight.  It was really cute.  This 'conversation' went on for a really long time...

Who cries over a mobile?

I do, that's who... I was very sad that we had to take down Javi's mobile today. Okay, I didn't cry - but I was really close.  Ana and Javi both loved and still love this mobile.  They have spent so much time in his crib just watching it and listening to its sweet music.  It was a lifesaver for me when they were tiny babies. It would entertain them for a long time  :)  I took pictures of them today as they snuggled and watched the mobile after their naps.  It's crazy to compare todays picture to one I took when they were only about 2 months old.  (notice they are laying width-wise in the crib in the old picture and length-wise in the new picture) They grow too fast!

We took the mobile down because they can now pull up to their knees and are close to being able to stand in their cribs.  They can both sit and reach that little white knob used to hold the mobile to the crib.  They like sticking their fingers inside the little hole in the center of the knob. It's only a matter of time before they can pull it down.

Changing the subject - Javi now has 2 teeth. :)  This is the first picture I've taken where you can clearly see both teeth!  You might have to click on it to enlarge it.  Still no teeth for Ana.  Although I do think she tried to bite Javi today!  :)

We now brush his teeth every night before bed.  He loves it!  Somehow he knew what to do the first time we put that little rubber toothbrush thing near his mouth.  He opens wide at first and then just chews on the toothbrush.  Thank goodness he likes it - I'd hate for it to be a nightly struggle.

Not much else going on here and Blogger is being really annoying right now, so I am going to wrap up this post!  I will post again soon!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Proofing

Ana and Javi have both figured out how to pull up in the cribs.  They have only been able to get to their knees, so far, but we know theyll be up on their feet in notime!  We've lowered the cribs all the way down.  The baby proofing has begun.  I think I've waited long enough to get started.  (I did put plastic outlet covers in a long time ago - that counts, right?)

I think we're going to turn our dining room into a temporary playroom.  We have been scoping out gates and room dividers the past few days.  The dining room furniture will move to the garage for a while.  I feel like it will be easier/safer to have one central area where the babies can play without worrying about televisions, computer cords, tile floors, steps, fireplace stones, glass doors, etc...  I'll also be able to see them from the kitchen and the living room if I need to do other things while they're awake.  I think it's our best option with our current house floorplan :)  I'll post pictures after we're finished with the playroom project!

If you're happy and you know it...

Ana loooooooooves to clap.  We sang "If you're happy and you know it" about 10,000,000 times and she finally started clapping along.  Now, whenever we start to sing or if we say "yay!", she claps.  So cute.  She also smiles really big and bounces up and down while clapping.  Javi just looks at her and goes about his business (aka - chewing on something).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This is shaping up to be a very fun and social week!  Monday was spent recovering from our weekend trip to Dallas.  Tuesday we had a playdate with two other sets of 8-month old twins.  Eli, Asher, Karen (their mom), Stella, Sam and Shanna (their mom) came over to play with Ana and Javi.  It was really fun to let the babies play together and to have some adult conversation mid-day - even if the conversation did mainly focus on baby things. 

The only bad thing that happened was that Stella taught Ana and Javi how to crawl.  I didn't see the lesson as it was happening, but she must be a good teacher.  I have been trying to teach them for weeks, but it wasn't until they saw Stella cruising around the living room that it clicked! 

Today we hung out with Reid and Jenny.  Ana and Javi love Reid.  He is their cool big-boy friend.   He is such a good little boy.  He is so smart and funny and cute.  It's crazy how fast they grow! (this picture is from a few weeks ago - I didn't take any pictures today)

Tomorrow we're getting together with my neighbors and their kids.  I've mentioned on the blog before how many babies were born within a few weeks of eachother in October/November 2009.  In our cul-de-sac there were 6 babies born within about 6 weeks.  We have yet to get together for a play-date.  It should be a lot of fun to get to know these other babies - and their moms!  I haven't really spent much time getting to know these other women, so it will be fun to hang out! 

Friday we have a HUGE play date with like 10 other babies.  It will be very interesting to see how that turns out.  I'm thinking we may leave early for a "nap" or something if it's too crazy.  ;)  Who knows, maybe it will be a blast!

We have a slow weekend planned and I think we're going to need it to recover!    Juan has a round of golf scheduled and I have a pedicure planned :)  yay!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Ana and Javi took their first airplane trip at the beginning of July.  We went to Mexico City to visit Juan's family.  I was so so so nervous about flying with the babies, but they did great!  It turned out that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Well, until we got back to Austin and American Airlines had forgotten to load our gate-checked stroller onto the plane.  Ugh.  Thank goodness for Ergo carriers!  I had them packed in our carry-on bags, so we made it out to the car with the babies snug against our chests.  There were a few paniced minutes before I remembered I had them packed though.  How would we have carried 2 (very tired) babies, 3 huge roller bags, 1 large carry on bag, a backpack and a diaper bag to the car in remote parking?  Hmm. 

Anyways, going back to the trip... We got into Mexico on Thursday, July 1st.  We took time to just settle in on Friday and welcomed Nancy, Manuel, Jenny and Pedro to the house.  It was so fun having everyone together.  On Saturday we went to the Roza family reunion/Spain World Cup game viewing party.  Ana and Javi met several of their 'cousins' and had a great time playing! 

One of Juan's cousins had a baby girl on the same day that I had Ana and Javi.  I think she's about 10 minutes younger.  :)  She was such a sweet and adorable little girl.  Being with her made me realize just how enormous Ana and Javi are...  She is such a cute little peanut - it looked for a minute like Javi might eat her. 

Spain won the World Cup game, so everyone was in great spirits.  We ate some yummy food and caught up with family that we see way too infrequently.  

Aren't they just such pretty/handsome cousins??

On Sunday we had a huge brunch with the Correa side of the family.  There were about 70 people there and Ana and Javi were totally spoiled with presents.  Ana and Javi slept through a good portion of the brunch, but they really enjoyed meeting everyone and playing with the other kids.  I am so excited that there are so many other kids in the family near their age.  They will have so much fun growing up with all of their 'cousins' in Mexico. 
We realized just how wonderful Sophie the Giraffe is (Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Brown/ White)!  Every single (young) kid that played with her LOVED her.  Even though Sophie is one of the most popular toys out there, I don't think many people know about her!  I am going to buy one for all of my expecting friends or friends with teethers.  It's a lifesaver.

The rest of the trip was more visiting with family and family friends, playing, jumping, sleeping, jumping and playing.  :)  Ana (MIL Ana) was able to borrow baby supplies from her friends and family, so we were all set with exercausers, jumpers, high chairs, diapers, formula, food, car seats... everything!  That made the trip so much easier.  I just had to pack clothes - that was it! 
Well, we had a great time.  We look forward to going back again soon - maybe to the beach next time?  :)