Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Then and Now

In August 2010, I snapped a picture of Ana, Javi, Juan and Ringo chilling out on the couch.  Just last weekend I glanced over at the couch and had a major case of déjà vu .  I grabbed my camera and got another cute shot.  I can't believe how much they've grown in just a few months (especially Juan's hair - ha!).  And I don't know why Javi always has to sit with Ringo...

Rocking Pig & Cow

Most kids have rocking horses.  We have a rocking pig and cow.  They were an adorable gift when Ana and Javi were born and they sat as decorations in the nursery until pretty recently.  Now they reside in the living room and Ana and Javi regularly push them out to the middle of the floor and beg to be put onto them.  They are able to climb off by themselves, but can not get back on.  So, I'm getting a bit of an arm workout lifting them up 100 times a day.