Monday, July 27, 2009

Three Pounds of Baby

We had our 23 week 'growth scan' today to make sure the babies are growing on schedule. One problem that is often seen with twins is that one baby grows more than the other or that they are behind on growth vs. a single pregnancy. Our babies were looking good! They were even called "big" a few times. I was a nice chubby 10 pound baby and Juan was a tiny little premie, so these babies could be any size when it's all said and done!
According to the babies should be about the size of a papaya now. The doctor today told us that ours weigh about 1.5 pounds each, so they're growing well!!

Our new activity is monitoring my belly button as it gets more and more shallow. I started off with a pretty deep belly button, but now it's getting really close to disappearing! I'm sure that my non-existant belly button will get a blog post of it's own when the time comes. I know, I need to take pictures... not of my belly button, but of the belly itself.

Juan and I are taking a little mini-vacation this weekend to the Lakeway Spa and Resort. It should be a nice relaxing getaway! I think the weekend will be filled with laying around in the pool, drinking some virgin pina coladas, and maybe some golf (for Juan) and golf cart driving/riding for me (if it's not too hot!). Hopefully we can still see the lake from the resort - it's drying up quickly... our lake view room may be a dry ditch view room by Saturday. We need rain badly!
We've started thinking about nursery furniture, room layout, and nursery themes (or lack of theme). It's fun to start getting into this part of the pregnancy :)

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Jenny said...

Isn't it fun to compare your little baby to food?! When they get here you'll just want to gobble them up so it is fitting! ;)

Enjoy your weekend away! That sounds wonderful and you guys deserve it!

PS - Reid is sitting here in my lap now and really likes the big owl on your web site. The owl has big eyes, like him. Uh oh...I feel another nickname coming on!! ;)