Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ten Months

Aahhhhhhh!  I can't believe Ana and Javi are already 10 months old!  Where has the time gone? 

They are just growing and changing every single day. Here's a little summary of what they're like at 10 months old:

Javi - (I am making an attempt to call him "William" more often, since that is his name...  ha!)
- He can stand for about 20 seconds without touching anything.  After a few seconds he just starts laughing.  It seems like he's just so tickled that he can stand up.

- He is a very very fast crawler.  He just zooms all over the room and kinda mumbles under his breath while he darts around.  I wish I knew what he was saying.
- He loves to eat and eat and eat.  He is really good using his fingers to pick up food from his tray.  He can gobble up a tray full of cheerios and banana chunks so fast.  He hasn't really met a food he doesn't like.  He got his first taste of Saltlick brisket last weekend and loooooved it.
- He is really good at drinking out of a straw sippy cup.  He hugs his cup and drinks.  He loves water.
- He has his two bottom teeth and is working on a few top teeth. He is our slobber king and wears a waterproof bib 100% of the time to keep his shirt somewhat dry.  He goes through 4 or 5 drool bibs a day.
- He loves giving hugs and kisses.  I sometimes have to make sure he doesn't squish Ana  :)  He tackles and hugs her - laughing the whole time.   He is learning how to give kisses.  He's really good at blowing raspberries though!
-  He is a big "solid" guy wearing 18 and 24 month clothes.  He is quickly outgrowing the 18 month stuff... just in time for me to get him a new fall 24 month/2T wardrobe!
- He loves reading books.  He crawls quickly over to sit with me when I pull out a book to read.
- He goes to sleep at 7pm and usually sleeps until about 6 or 6:30am (usually waking up for some pacifier help early in the night).  He takes two naps a day at about 9am and 1pm. He's having a bit of a rough sleeping patch right now - he has a little cold (or teething, we're not sure).  So his sleep schedule is not quite so great.

- She is such a sweet sweet baby.  She hugs and kisses and smiles and is so kind and happy. She has just started giving good squeezing hugs.  I love them.
- She is also a big baby.  She's wearing mainly 18 month clothes and some 24 month.  We can tell that she's getting noticeably taller since her 9 month Dr. appointment.
- She has her two middle bottom teeth and no others currently in sight. 
- She is a great eater.  She takes her time with her finger foods, but she is great at feeding herself.  Her very favorite food is graham crackers.  She devours them. She likes to listen to music while she drinks her bottle.  We've started listening to the Beatles channel on Pandora instead of only listening to Raffi-type artists.  I think that a little 'classic' music is good for them.  :)
- She can pull herself up and 'cruise' around while holding onto the couch and her toys. 
- She sleeps like a pro, but is also having a little bit of a hard time right now during naps.  This too shall pass. Right?
- She loves to dance.  She bops around whenever music is playing.  Unfortunately, she has me and Juan as her dance instructors/role models.  Hopefully she'll have more style and grace than us.
- She loves to read.  She crawls over and sits down next to me whenever I pull out a book to read.  She often sits in the middle of the books in the play room and "reads" them herself.
- She loves Ringo.  Ana and Javi both do, but she really loves to pet him and love on him.  Too bad he doesn't really understand that baby love means getting poked and pulled at.  He takes it for a few minutes and then just goes into the other room.  :)

Last week we went to two free music classes to try them out.  They were a lot of fun.  The second class was a bit too crowded and during our normal nap time, so it was a bit of a disaster.  Thank goodness Reid didn't mind sharing his mama.  Jenny helped me out with two somewhat cranky babies that wanted to be on the move - not sitting still playing with maracas.   Even after the music disaster, we signed up to take a weekly music class that is being taught by a woman in our neighborhood.  We are going to go with my two neighbors that had babies within a few weeks of Ana and Javi.  It should be fun to get to know them better.

This is Javi, Ana and Reid playing at Reid's house

This Saturday we are going to the Austin zoo with the Mothers of Multiples group.  We haven't been to the Austin zoo yet and I've heard it's pretty fun.  I'm excited to see how Ana and Javi react to seeing zoo animals.  I think they'll really like it. 

I'm trying to decide what to do for Halloween costumes.  Any suggestions?  :)

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