Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We had the annual AMOM breakfast with Santa this morning.  It was really fun.  I look forward to going in the future when Ana and Javi are old enough to participate in the crafts, the face painting and when they actually know who this "Santa" guy is. 

This was their first time seeing Santa and I think they did okay.  Ana was more interested in walking around the room.  She didn't really want to sit on Santa's, or anyone's, lap.  Javi was so happy sitting with Santa.  He just sat and stared at him for a long long time.  There was no line for Santa, and he said that he didn't mind holding him, so they sat there for quite a while  :) 

I don't want to spoil our Christmas card that all 7 of my readers will be receiving, so I'll leave you with these pictures that pretty much sum up the day...

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