Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy 2011

Yeah, I know it's already almost the end of January.  My resolution should be to blog more :)  It wouldn't be hard to succeed. 

I've also been bad at taking pictures this month.  Sorry.  This is going to be a pretty pictureless blog post.

We're trying to work with Ana and Javi on being more comfortable with other people looking after them.  They have only ever been in the care of me, Juan, Steve & Emily, and their grandparents.  One way we're working on this is by going to church more often and taking them to the nursery to play while we're at Mass.  The first week was okay.  They were both just confused when we left them there, so they didn't cry until they figured out we were gone.  When we went to pick them up we found that Javi had been crying a bit.  The nursery volunteers said that Ana just cried when someone else cried.  :)  She's empathetic like that. 

Week 2 was a little better.  Javi was totally fine when we left but Ana was crying crying.  When we went to pick them up, Javi was in the foyer looking out the window with one of the nursery volunteers.  He had been upset but was doing okay.  Ana was happily playing until she saw us and burst into tears. 

Week 3 will be great, right??  Too bad the nursery is closed the next 2 weekends for a retreat.  Sheesh.

I have been talking for a very very long time about wanting to do a triathlon.  I am really out of shape, so it's going to be quite a challenge.  I have signed up for a super sprint "rookie" triathlon in April.  I have to buy a bike, see if I remember how to swim, and figure out how to run more than 20 seconds without crying.  I can do that by April, right?  :)   If I enjoy it, I'll sign up for some more triathlons throughout the summer and early fall.  I think it should be pretty fun!  Would anyone like to join me?

We had brunch with my old friend, Laura, last week.  She was visiting Austin and we were so lucky to be able to get together with her for some yummy food.  I haven's seen Laura for years and years and years.  She is as sweet and kind as I remember.  I hope to see her so much more often in the future.  We talked about doing an Austin COR reunion next time she's in town. There are several COR alumni and coaches in town.  It would be fun to get together with everyone. 

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